Save $$ on the Dinosaur Resource Center in Colorado

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Oct 1st

This is a sponsored post from Dinosaur Resource Center. 

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Have you heard of the Dinosaur Resource center in Woodland Park, CO? They have a marvelous world class museum that we love to visit. They feature an awe-inspiring display of dinosaurs, prehistoric marine reptiles, pterosaurs and fish of North America’s late Cretaceous period. The fossil skeletons on display are supplemented with vibrant graphics and life-restoration sculptures to help you visualize these fascinating animals in life and the environments in which they lived. Visitors can read the stories of the discovery of each specimen and see a working fossil laboratory where important recently discovered paleontological specimens are being freed from their rock matrix and undergoing restoration. They have tours, which are included with your admission, all during the day. The tours are about 1 hour long and excellent for the entire family.

We have taken the tours many times and all of my kids enjoy them. Plus my readers get $2 OFF 4 regular admissions & 10% OFF Parties – Print out this coupon to receive $2 Off up to 4 regular price admission. Contact 719-686-1820 to Receive 10% OFF any party package. Not Valid with any other offers.

They also offer a birthday LIKE NO OTHER! For a small price, children and adults get to enjoy a party in the company of dinosaurs. Ask about their unique Birthday Packages.

dino resource 

This is picture from last year when we visited the Dinosaur Resource Center. Summit is 4 and I already wants to work here when he gets older!

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