My Magic Mud activated charcoal toothpaste

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Nov 14th

I was given a free sample for this review, all opinions are my own. I am not a doctor so any claims in this post should be treated as my opinion. Always check with your doctor if you have any concerns or questions.


We we moved to Colorado, I went 4 years without going to the dentist. I had major jaw surgery when I was 20 so I only trusted my dentist back in Louisiana to work on my teeth. With all the rearrangement of my mouth, it’s harder to get my mouth numb and I have so many screws, it sets off airport security! 

Well when I finally went to the Dentist 2 years ago, I had a mouth full of problems. 4 crowns, 2 extremely diffuclt root canals that were so special they had to be done by a specialist. After all that mayhem, I vowed to take extra care of my teeth from now on and so I didn’t owe a small fortune to my dentist. 


Well this past dentist visit I had zero cavities. Judge me all you want but I cried. I have NEVER, in my entire life, not had any cavities at a dentist visit and I am 33! However a problem rose up. Apparently I had a gum infection. Gross right?! They said it actually probably had nothing to do with how well I brushed my teeth because it looked like I had been doing a good job, just a little bad luck and some yucky germs. 

Every since then I have been on a charcoal kick. As soon as I got out of the dentist, I took 2 of my activated charcoal pills so of any of the infection traveled out of my mouth, the charcoal would bind to it and take it out of my body while preventing it from absorbing into my body. 

But another thing I am doing is using activated charcoal toothpaste. I started using My Magic Mud activated charcoal toothpaste. My Magic Mud Whitening Toothpaste is the first toothpaste to combine activated coconut shell charcoal and bentonite clay. It is made with smart and wholesome ingredients and is fluoride-free, non-GMO, and Natural Cosmetics Standard certified.

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Straight from their site: “Activated charcoal removes plaque, toxins that cause bad breath, and teeth stains through a process called adsorption where these unwanted elements adhere to the porous surface of the charcoal. The result is a dentist-like clean, and a brighter and whiter smile!”

That is exactly what I was looking for in a toothpaste. Not only the health and toxin fighting elements but also something to help whiten my teeth!

To check it out for yourself, go to My Magic!

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