Zyliss Nonstick frying pan

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Dec 5th

I was given a free sample for this review, all opinions are my own.


I am in love with this Zyliss grill pan. I love to grill but A. I always have to have my husband help me and he hates to grill ;-), and B. It’s cold here in colorado so sometimes its just to cold to grill!

This week we grilled some chicken on this pan to give it a test run. Nothing fancy, just plain grilled chicken breasts and some seasoning on top. Let me tell you, it was the best grilled chicken I have ever had! I am not even joking. The pan helped sear the outside but the inside was still juicy. This pan is made with the highest quality Swiss technology for perfect grilling. The 3-Layer non-stick pan is reinforced with the ultimate ceramic coatings makes this a guaranteed non-stick pan perfect for indoor and outdoor grilling. 

The deep ridges of the pan allow for even cooking and the square and nonstick design allow the juices to be kept in the pan for more added flavor. 

I have been using Zyliss products for over a year now and there isn’t one product that has disappointed me yet.

To check this out and order one for yourself, go here!


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