Delivery driver gift idea

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Dec 10th

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The past couple of years, I have been trying to think of a way to give back to the delivery drivers in our area. I feel like I should own stock in Amazon since almost every christmas gift is bought from there. So that means my delivery drivers are working over time! 

So here is Craft-mas day 3 idea! I made a delivery driver treat wagon for the hard working men and women who deliver mail and packages. I even made this free printable sign you can print out and do this at your house!

Print it here: delivery driver delivery driver 1

For the goodies I got some glass bottle Coca-Colas, rold gold pretzels, nutella sticks, waters, hershey’s chocolates and some Krave beef jerky bars. I think the best part about this is how excited my kids get when they get home from school to see if any of the goodies have been taken. 

Just a small way to give back this holiday season. 

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