Bakerly…the best store bought bread you will ever eat!

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Jan 10th

I was given free products for this review, all opinions are my own.


I cannot complain about my job when I am sent this heavenly bread then get to talk about it. Bread is my favorite food group and I love to homemade most of our bread. However with 4 kids, sometimes that is not possible but for the longest time I couldn’t find any store-bought bread I liked. 

You can tell the folks at love what they do because it shows in how delicious their bread is and the steps they go to make sure your bread is fresh. My bread was shipped to me and they all came beautifully wrapped and the brioche was double wrapped and it says on the bag that they do that so it stays fresh.

The crepes are a super yummy snack or a quick breakfast you can take with you as you are running out the door. If your a mom on the go like me, this is a total time saver. 


If you want me to be honest, yes I ate the entire bag of french bread and didn’t share with anymore. All of the products tastes as if I had just baked them in my own oven. My kids are pretty picky and the bread I did let them taste, they loved! I make them toast almost every morning and they couldn’t get enough of the brioche toast. 

Bakerly got it’s start when the founders decided to combine their efforts and talents to bring their love of crêpes, brioches, and other traditional French products to households across America.

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And I think their products taste so good because they only use high quality ingredients. 

To find a store near you that sells Bakerly, go here! You will NOT be disappointed!

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