6 things you need to know to visit the Ice Castles

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Jan 15th

I was given free tickets for this review, all opinions are my own. 

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When I heard the Ice Castles were coming to Dillon, CO, I could not wait to go!! If you’re not familiar with Dillon, it’s a cute little town between Silverthorne and Keystone. We went today and I just wanted to give everyone a little heads up on what to expect and the 5 things you need to know before you go!

1.Buy your tickets early and online! 

Most days sell out so if you want to go at a specific time or day, buy them in advance. Go to IceCastles.com and click the Dillon location. Note that there are other locations around the county so if you’re not near Colorado, check the others ones out. My readers get to save off admission! Fun and Unique experience with your family at Amazing Ice Castles! Save 15% off tickets using promo code “happykids”! Get your coupon here!

WHAT: Elaborate, acre-sized castle in Dillon, CO made entirely from ice. One of four Ice Castles in the United States.
WHERE: Dillon, CO
WHEN: Tickets On Sale Now!
 Amazing ice formations including icicle-dripped archways, canyons, caverns, and ice-carved tunnels.

2. There are no strollers allowed so if your bringing kids, bring sleds instead!

I saw lots of people with sleds, and they were pulling their little kids around! So you would need a sled with a long rope. It’s not a ton of walking but if you have little ones ,this might be helpful.

3. Bring your snow gear!

Since there is an ice slide, bring snow pants, winter jackets and gloves. Some of my kids brought hats but not all of them. It wasn’t that cold but when they are sliding down the ice or sitting in the snow, they can get wet.

4. Bring your camera!

This is a photographers paradise. I wanted to stay all day and just take pictures. But take this into account, since it’s cold, my battery when from 50% to zero in under 30 minutes. My husband said it was because of the cold so make sure you come with a fully charged battery!

5. They have bathrooms at the beginning and end of entryway.

This was important because A. I drank too much water and didn’t know Dillon well enough to know where the nearest bathroom was and B. My son was sick and when we were standing in line for the bathroom, he had a melt down and said he didn’t want to go in. So I made a split decision and we say in one of the bathrooms for 10 minutes while we waited to get in. He went from crying to laughing as we made pictures and videos on snapchat. 

6. Make other plans in the area.

It only took us about 1 hour to go through the Ice Castles. I’m not really sure how long they allow you to stay at the Ice Castles, we wold have stayed longer but our youngest was feeling crummy. But there is so many things to do in the area. Check out the Outlets in Silverthorne, Stay at Beaver Run in Breckenridge for a few days, Check out Lake Dillon, Go on a sleigh ride (We did the hot chocolate sleigh ride, and it was amazing!) or eat Breakfast at the Columbine Cafe or go tubing in Frisco!

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It was pretty perfect before the wind was howling outside but inside the castle there was no wind and only beautiful snowflakes falling down.

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This was our bathroom haven. When we went in he was crying, but a few snapchats later, he was smiling. It was the thing we needed so we didn’t have to wait in line. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

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A perfect day!

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