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Jan 20th

 I was given a product free of charge for this review.

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When I was around 8 years old, I broke my arm. I had the cast for 6 weeks and I can remember the things we had to come up with to cover the cast when I needed to shower. At that time there was nothing on the market to help with a this venture like there is now. I think all we came up was duct tape and a trash bag. For anyone needed something similar for a leg cast, you need to check out Vive Health’s leg cast protector!

I have tried out a bunch of Vive health’s products and none of them have disappointed! I don’t have a cast on at the moment but I tried this out. The protector is super roomy but the top is tight so it can lock out the water. It was super easy to get on and off so I can see this being a huge help if you had a cast.


Just me and my cast protector hanging out by the fire.


The Vive leg cast protector is guaranteed to keep your cast protected from water damage while showering. Made with durable vinyl, this cast protector provides a watertight seal and fits over all cast sizes, allowing you to shower with ease while you recover from injury or surgery. Can be worn on either right or left leg. Protected by a 60-day warranty. To here to shop at Vivehealth.com


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