Eternity Rose for your sweetie

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Feb 12th

I was given a free product for this review, all opinions are my own.


It comes in a beautiful box. I think packaging is everything and Eternity Rose went over the top to make this gift special. It comes in a white box then along with a display case. It comes with a two-sided Certificate of Authenticity so your loved one will have no doubt how special this gift is. 


This is the kind of gift I would want to show off to my girlfriends. A few years back my husband got me a deep fryer for Valentines Day. Now don’t get my wrong, I love that thing, but it’s not something you get your significant other for a romantic holiday. This rose, however, is the perfect gift. It has a brilliant and lustrous mirror finish. Valentines Day is coming up quick so if you can’t get it in time for that, this would also be a great mother’s day, birthday or even christmas gift.

The process to make a rose like this is no easy task. It actually takes about 3 months from start to finish. 

Here is the process which I found amazing: “The roses are moved through a 60-step process gaining numerous layers via immersion electroforming that utilises our proprietary formulae. Initially they are electroplated with layers of pure copper. This provides a highly texture-sensitive layer, as well as the best base for precious-metal dipping. After the rose is sealed and accurately layered in copper, we commence electroplating in nickel. This layer provides the structural integrity which is necessary for the final step of certified gold-dipping. During the process, the roses are inspected for form, plating quality and any other imperfections that may occur. Only when they have passed our exacting quality control screening are they moved on to the 24 karat gold-dipping baths. The precious-metal coating process comprises of literally dozens of extremely thin layers which are slowly built up over many weeks. This results in a mirror finish that is highly lustrous, and brilliant in its surface appearance. The flower will not ever corrode and will last literally for thousands of years.”

I can get behind a product that is well made, well thought out and overall a fabulous gift. I love this rose and I think you will to.



I literally feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast with this Gold dipped rose from Eternity I would be overjoyed if my husband got me this for Valentines day. It is the perfect gift your your loved one on Valentines Day

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